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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Getting Married in Spain....

A question I am regularly asked by my couples is “Will our wedding blessing ceremony feel like a real wedding?”
As getting married legally in Spain is not possible unless you are catholic or a Spanish resident my couples often worry about whether their Blessing ceremony will feel like the real thing… my answer is always yes.

My advice is to have a very low key visit to your local registry office in the UK before coming over to Spain.  You should see this as only a formality and similar to getting a licence for legalizing your wedding in Spain.  Never exchange rings or vows, saving these personal components for your actual wedding day.  Dress down and only take 2 witnesses with you.  If it makes you feel better you don’t even have to tell your family and friends that you are doing this, they will be none the wiser and will think your wedding in Spain is the real deal.

There is also the option of visiting the registry office in Gibraltar whilst you are here in Spain but I do advise against this as it takes up valuable holiday time and with the problems between the Spanish and Gibraltar borders you can sometimes end up queuing for 3 or 4 hours, much better time can be spent around the pool!

If you are still worried that you will already feel married or that it will somehow feel like a fake wedding you only have to look at some of my couples below to see that your wedding in Spain is your only true wedding day.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cortijo Pedro Jimenez - Kealie & Matt

Our first wedding at Cortijo Pedro Jimenez was a huge success that we are extremely proud of.  We were of course very lucky to have Kealie & Matt as our first couple as they had fab taste and style which made my job all the easier, not to mention that Kealie looked like a bride straight from Hello magazine.  They allowed me to organise and style every aspect of their reception and trusted me to put together their day from start to finish so I went about booking all my favorite suppliers and entertainers and they also flew in their own superstar DJ, the legendary Brandon Block who rocked the house until the sun came up!  So a big thank you to the team and all involved for helping me pull off this showstopping wedding x

Photography - Anna @ Limelight

Catering - Toni @ Sana Catering Marbells

Cake and sweet table - Fiona @ Sweet Things by Fi

Entertainment - Tom Rust, Mr Maph & Luis Fonseca

Stationary - Anoulka @ NulkiNulks

Hair & Make Up .- Alex & Lyndsey